Museum Introduction

Site Area90,122.25 square meters
Construction Area2,334.45 square meters
Total Floor Area6,678.63 square meters
Building ConstructionFour Floors Reinforced Concrete (1 basement floor, 3 floors)

Exhibition Room

First Floor

Entrance Reception Hall

Personal service guides are available. Museum and Surrounding Area Information via a 9 panel multiscreen monitor.


International Symposium (simultaneous interpreting booths; four languages supported), multi-purpose use, such as lectures. Accommodates up to 300 people.

Second Floor

Museum Shop

Museum selling original goods, a variety of field books and products such as crafts that utilize natural materials.

Library and Reading Room

About 30,000 volumes of specialist books on archaeology, history books, etc., are available. The library, also provides a search-only computer terminal.

Information Corner

On-site and exhibit information, also a searchable computer terminal for information in other museums.

Seminar Room

Museum lectures. Can be used for small workshops, etc

Third Floor

Outlook Lounge

Space available for eating and refreshment, 30 seats available.


View spot overlooking the magnificent tombs and rich natural landscape.
Funatsuka and No. 111 from Group 3.
Takatoriyama mountain.
Keyhole-shaped tombs of Group 2 .
Trees covering the Osahozuka and Mesahozuka tombs.

Outdoor Facilities

Ancient Life Interactive Centre

A variety of experience programs are available; coexistence with nature, ancient wisdom and ingenuity, how to use the tools, etc. Excursions and courses for children who came on school trips.

Outside Stage

Built on the site of the former Material Hall.
Open area available for many purposes, such as events that are carried out to attract lots of people.